One of the best things about being a surfer is being mindful of what's happening around me. So let me share a little about myself.
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I knew since being a puppy that I loved to surf, but when meeting my friends, I decided to devote myself to saving sea life. I'm turning my passion into a news show for kids to learn how they can help make a difference for others and the planet.


As a shy pup, I spent most of my days in my imagination. This often leads to journaling about discovering fun new adventures and great friends, surfing, and navigating those colossal waves.

My surfing was my place to practice being mindful of what's happening to the world around us. Being kind to others, especially the sea buddies and our world, is essential for a happy, healthy life.

Being on my surfboard helped me see the vast amount of plastic in our oceans and how it harmed sea life and the coral reefs. I knew it was up to me to help spread this message to kids and grown-ups' who can make a difference in our planet's future.


My surfing ability helped me dig deep and discover ways to reach everyone with a fun and informative news show for kids. I can't imagine where I would be without my friends who helped me start Gizmo's Woof Chat.

I'm excited to join my quirky friends to create an upbeat, interactive, and action-inspiring program! It will be rad with news stories kids can use to balance all that technology, relax, let go, and eat healthy food. Together, we'll learn how to breeze through challenging surf and help each other and the planet.

We'll be having fun bringing clever scripting and zany comedy to prove each of us can make a significant difference in our planet's future. Everyone has something unique to share on Gizmo's Woof Chat!


Let's celebrate an incredible New Year in 2023 by discovering fun ways to learn and grow strong!

There is only one of you! A calendar is a great way to uncover and express who you want to be.

Molly the Dolphin says, "Being mindful and kind to ourselves and others makes the world a better place and helps shape how we live a happy life!"

I agree. A smile and a kind word is the best gift I can give. I love that I can take it a step further and help everyone remember how important we are to making the world happy.

"I'm excited to connect and discover ways to breeze through those big wave troubles—no matter how gnarly the water may get! Just Surf It!" ~Gizmo