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Introducing an extraordinary puppet crew surfing the 
Waves and Airwaves!

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Welcome to Gizmo 4 Kids! 


Join surfer dog, Gizmo and his friends for an upbeat children's network showcasing how to navigate everyday challenges! 

The Gizmo's Woof Chat puppetry performance video episodes meet the growing demand for educational and children's entertainment venues. The show presents storytelling, enlightening expert guests, and ideas to foster learning essential life skills and growing healthy relationships. Gizmo and his friends take action to protect the oceans, their sea pals, and the planet's future! 

"I’ve seen kids tune in, tap in, and learn faster through engaging storytelling, impressive puppetry, zany humor, and real-life interactions with community superstars."
~Suzanne Kline, Author and Creator of Gizmo's Woof Chat

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What We Do


Gizmo's Woof Chat is an informative children's network to meet the intended entertainment and educational goals. We do this by bridging storytelling, educational themes, and live-action puppetry appealing to children ages five to ten.

In each six-minute episode, one or more characters present a conflict for the Woof Chat News Team to solve as friends. Together, they turn to Gizmo's Woof Chat to seek out exciting news stories, on-location interviews, and informative guest experts who share insightful ways to approach their concerns.

Then, equipped with new knowledge and inspiration, they come together for humorous or touching endings.

Navigating Challenges

As a mindful surfer champion, Gizmo lives by his motto, "Just Surf IT!". He proves that no matter what size colossal waves he encounters, he can surf them!


Gizmo's Woof Chat happens at Tide Rider Beach! It's a fun place to be, learn, and discover solutions to foster kindness and compassion for others.

Ocean Conservation

Gizmo's a surfer pup who can't afford to doggie paddle when a problem needs a solution! He calls upon his friends to clean up the beach to save sea life and make a difference in our planet's future.


Our vision is for puppetry to work universally across diverse cultures and age groups. We aim to help kids to learn about life and relationships, celebrate their differences, and grow their imagination.


Our mission is that Gizmo's Woof Chat episodes bring innovative and impactful learning content for kids. We do this with books and media for home and classroom that kids will want to join in and share!

Gizmo's Woof Chat Activity Calendar

You don't have to be a surfer dog to make a difference!

Enjoy the Ride, Breathe, and Just Surf IT!

Tide Rider Beach's famous surfer dog, Gizmo, joins his friends in the fun 2023 Gizmo's Woof Chat Calendar! Each month is filled with easy-breezy, goal-setting tips and milestones.

On Gizmo's Woof Chat show, the crew proves how to best handle challenges by discovering insightful and innovative ways to solve conflicts and be happy. Gizmo and his friends are here to connect and help kids through their big wave troubles, no matter how turbulent the water may get!

If you wish to donate an activity calendar to support an extraordinary teacher and classroom, we'll be glad to help you send one. 

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2023 Gizmo’s Woof Chat Activity Calendar

Gizmo's Woof Chat calendar is a colorful, print-rich environment that helps foster skills needed for reading. It helps your child understand the abstract concept of time and comfortably use the vocabulary and pictures associated with each month. The calendar helps kids to anticipate events, learn numbers, and milestones.

Gizmo’s Woof Chat crew expand the possibilities by adding cues to the calendar, like holidays, game nights, art projects, and reminders to gather with friends, exercise, and choosing healthy food.

  • Gizmo and his friends offer monthly tips for growing up healthy & strong!
  • Gizmo helps kids make and achieve goals!
  • Messy and Kaia present tips for playing fairly.

The calendar benefits a variety of Children's Hospitals, community organizations and schools.

Meet the Crew

Gizmo 4 President Children's Book

America meets canine presidential candidate Gizmo, a fun-loving surfing dog who is sending a refreshingly positive message for parents and educators to discuss the elections and voting with youth ages five to ten. The brilliantly illustrated story dives into bullying, ocean cleanup, overcoming challenges, and relevant kid-sized themes about the election process. 

The third book in the Gizmo and Friends series, written by Suzanne Kline and Dulce Da Costa, LCSW, was released in 2020 as a companion to Gizmo's Woof Chat virtual live-puppet presidential debate. Giz Kids Foundation partnered in bringing virtual class trip programs to elementary schools and at-home classrooms during the global pandemic, where over 250,000 students participated in Gizmo's presidential run for president of Tide Rider Beach. The platform taught about the importance of taking action for coastal conservation and protecting sea life, an issue of significant concern to citizens worldwide. 

The Gizmo 4 President children's book is available on


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Gizmo's Message

The diverse youth joining Gizmo and his friends bring positivity, enthusiasm, innovative ideas, and unique perspectives to change the world. They speak up for diversity, practice kindness and compassion for others, and positively impact our planet's future.

"Join the Gizmo's Woof Chat crew by speaking up as a “Woof Chatter and Marine Life Ambassador for creating a happy world. Show ways to be kind, reuse and recycle plastic, and protect sea life by mindfully restoring our ocean planet." ~Axel Crab